Gamet Bearing

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Gamet Bearing must be correctly lubricated to reduce friction between the rolling elements and raceways. Lubrication will minimize wear and protect bearing surfaces against corrosion. The choice of a suitable lubricant and method of lubrication is very important and depends upon the operating conditions (temperature, range, speeds, loads, environment). A wide variety of greases and oils is available offering solutions for all applications.

The inner races (cones) of the bearings must be preheated to expand sufficiently to assist mounting on shaft. Never attempt to fit cold as the amount of interference between cones and shaft will prevent sliding and any direct blows will cause damage to rolling elements and raceways. Heating can be achieved using induction heaters, ideal for grease lubricated bearings, or oil baths suitable for oil lubricated bearings. Under no circumstances should a pre-greased bearing be heated by submersing in oil as contamination of grease will occur. The temperature required to sufficiently expand cones to allow reasonable mounting time varies depending upon size and section, but 70ºC will suffice for the majority of applications. Care must be taken when locking bearings to ensure all rolling elements are seated properly, this is achieved by rotating at periodic intervals during locking. 


Gamet 100031X/100080H tapered roller bearings

Chrome-Plated Steel 3/4 in
5/8-18 in Steel, PTFE Fabric

Gamet 181111X/181190XG tapered roller bearings

60 ° 55000 N
Double Lip Contact S 4400 rpm

Gamet 164133X/164196XP tapered roller bearings

Gamet 164133X/164196XP
1 pcs Negotiable

Gamet 119044X/119088X tapered roller bearings

Uncoated Extra Heavy Duty
Four-Bolt Flange UL, AFBMA, AGMA, ASM

Gamet 131093X/131152XH tapered roller bearings

21000 RPM Open
No Hole 21 mm

Gamet 101038X/101076XG tapered roller bearings

83-7-7-3, ASTM B505, 4000 psi
Cast Bronze C93200 & 1 in

Gamet 119045/119088XG tapered roller bearings

Open C0
1.6875 in Not Rated/Ungro

Gamet 284234X/284355XC tapered roller bearings

Max 250° 552824
13.5000 in 7.1875 in

Gamet 123073X/123120XG tapered roller bearings

121mm 1100
285 2240

Gamet 187185/187258G tapered roller bearings

Cast Iron 2.4375 in
Labyrinth 5.6900 in

Gamet 161140/161200P tapered roller bearings

204 30.2 mm
Closed End Cap EC

Gamet 80035/80066X tapered roller bearings

813.5 N·m 8
158.75 mm EPR 16