SIGMA Bearing

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SIGMA Bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts. The design of the bearing may, for example, provide for free linear movement of the moving part or for free rotation around a fixed axis; or, it may prevent a motion by controlling the vectors of normal forces that bear on the moving parts. Most bearings facilitate the desired motion by minimizing friction. Bearings are classified broadly according to the type of operation, the motions allowed, or to the directions of the loads (forces) applied to the parts.


The term "bearing" is derived from the verb "to bear";[1] a bearing being a machine element that allows one part to bear (i.e., to support) another. The simplest bearings are bearing surfaces, cut or formed into a part, with varying degrees of control over the form, size, roughness and location of the surface. Other bearings are separate devices installed into a machine or machine part. The most sophisticated bearings for the most demanding applications are very precise devices; their manufacture requires some of the highest standards of current technology.


SIGMA NMJ 1.5/8 self aligning ball bearings

26000 0.62
14.6 0.18 KGS

SIGMA 81132 thrust roller bearings

Yes (with retaining Deep Groove Ball Bea
6 DD (Contact Rubber S

SIGMA 2304 self aligning ball bearings

16.8 in 1.0 in
160 mm 2.2 in

SIGMA RXLS 3.1/4 cylindrical roller bearings

0.200 mm 0.0020 Kg
1 kN 12.0000 mm

SIGMA 1221 self aligning ball bearings

13mm 85mm
60mm Standard

SIGMA RSU 14 1094 thrust ball bearings

Bearings with Housin 70 ~ 90
Compact Type 1045 Carbon Steel

SIGMA 1418 M self aligning ball bearings

Ball Metric System
Available 7

SIGMA ESU 25 0755 thrust ball bearings

10.000 mm 0.04 Kg
28000 rpm 17 mm

SIGMA RSI 14 0844 N thrust ball bearings

09000 2.2
0.0452 0.87 in

SIGMA 6305 deep groove ball bearings

Pin-Type 488.95 mm
0.37 816000 lbf

SIGMA 8510 deep groove ball bearings

Quote Nitrile
Insert Bearing Unit No

SIGMA 7211-B angular contact ball bearings

0.05 KGS 11mm
35mm 26000