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Manufactured at nine European facilities, the ZVL bearing line includes more than 3,600 types designed and built to serve nearly every application in every industry. In all, they cover bore-diameters from 3mm to 850mm. Add in complete accessories--from adapter and withdraw sleeves to split pillow block housings--and the result is a comprehensive selection of bearing components to fit almost any interchange situation.


ZVL Bearings Corporation is introducing a new designation for bearings used in shaker screens and other vibratory equipment.  The older designation is MAP6A.  All new shaker screen bearings will now have the designation MD1 or MHD1.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
ZVL K-LM11749/K-LM11710 tapered roller bearings 0 Inch | 0 Millimete 7.264 Spherical Roller Bea Concentric Collar
ZVL K-L44643/K-L44610/K-L44600LA tapered roller bearings 0.0 Roller Bearings 4547359596816 NTN
ZVL PLC64-8 tapered roller bearings 4.1 Inch | 105 Milli 1.339 Inch | 34 Mill 31171511 Yes
ZVL M802048/M802011 tapered roller bearings 0 Inch | 0 Millimete 7.264 Spherical Roller Bea Concentric Collar
ZVL 31308A tapered roller bearings Molded Shroud 14.3 mm M12 Bearings
ZVL 32924A tapered roller bearings 0.0 M06110 0808250217816 Mounted Units &
ZVL 32016AX tapered roller bearings Phenolic 0.0 100MM Bore; 150MM Ou Ball Bearing
ZVL 32213A tapered roller bearings Phenolic 0.0 100MM Bore; 150MM Ou Ball Bearing
ZVL LM603049/LM603011 tapered roller bearings 4.1 Inch | 105 Milli 1.339 Inch | 34 Mill 31171511 Yes
ZVL 31315A tapered roller bearings 0.0 M06110 0808250217816 Mounted Units &
ZVL 30208A tapered roller bearings Phenolic 0.0 100MM Bore; 150MM Ou Ball Bearing
ZVL 30232A tapered roller bearings PT INTERNATIONAL 0.182 0800675097943 N/A

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